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    - Emir, Turkey

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Records Overview
Records Overview
Date League Teams Our Pick Verdict
19 June 2019 Finland: Kakkonen Sudet - Klubi 04 Under 3.5 Goals WIN
18 June 2019 Estonia: Premium Liiga Tammeka - Tallinna Kalev Tammeka WIN
17 June 2019 South Korea: K League 2 Seoul E. - Jeonnam Jeonnam 0 AH WIN
16 June 2019 Spain: Segunda Division Albacete - Mallorca Albacete WIN
15 June 2019 Denmark: 2nd Division Jammerbugt - Kolding IF Jammerbugt 0 AH WIN
14 June 2019 Ireland: Division 1 Shelbourne - Drogheda Goal/Goal WIN
13 June 2019 Brazil: Serie A Vasco - Ceara Goal/Goal Loss
12 June 2019 USA: US Open Cup DC United - Philadelphia Union Goal/Goal Loss
11 June 2019 World: Friendly Game Singapore - Myanmar Goal/Goal WIN
10 June 2019 Norway: 2nd Division Odds 2 - Sotra Sotra 0 AH WIN
09 June 2019 Finland: Kakkonen PEPO - Kiffen Under 3.5 Goals WIN
08 June 2019 World: COSAFA Cup Botswana - Zambia Zambia WIN
07 June 2019 World: Euro Czech Republic - Bulgaria Czech Republic WIN
06 June 2019 World: AFC World Cup Laos - Bangladesh Bangladesh WIN
05 June 2019 Norway: 2nd Division Sotra - Mjolner Under 2.5 Goals Loss
04 June 2019 World: U20 World Cup France - USA Goal/Goal WIN
03 June 2019 Finland: Ykkonen KTP - MuSa Goal/Goal WIN
02 June 2019 Denmark: Superliga Viborg - Hobro Hobro +2 AH WIN
01 June 2019 Sweden: Superettan Halmstad - Vasteras SK Under 2.5 Goals WIN
31 May 2019 Japan: J-League Shonan - Yokohama M. Goal/Goal WIN
30 May 2019 Denmark: Superliga Lyngby - Vendsyssel FF Lyngby WIN
29 May 2019 Austria: 2. Liga Neustadt - Lafnitz Neustadt Loss
29 May 2019 Estonia: Premium Liiga Flora - Levadia Goal/Goal WIN
28 May 2019 Austria: Bundesliga Rapid Vienna - Mattersburg Under 2.5 Goals WIN
27 May 2019 Romania: Liga 1 Voluntari - FC Hermanstadt Goal/Goal WIN
26 May 2019 Russia: Premier League CSKA Moscow - FC Kryliya Over 2.5 Goals WIN
25 May 2019 Denmark: Superliga Odense - Brondby Brondby +0.5 AH WIN
24 May 2019 Belarus: Vysshaya League BATE - Slutsk BATE -1.5 AH WIN
23 May 2019 Estonia: Esiliiga Levadia U21 - Parnu Under 3.5 Goals WIN
22 May 2019 Norway: NM Cup Asker - K. Oslo K. Oslo WIN
21 May 2019 Netherlands: Eredivisie Utrecht - Heracles Under 3.5 Goals WIN
20 May 2019 Sweden: Allsvenskan AIK - Falkenbergs Under 2.5 Goals WIN
19 May 2019 Spain: LaLiga2 R. Oviedo - Numancia R. Oviedo WIN
18 May 2019 Russia: Premier League CSKA Moscow - Akhmat Grozny Over 2.5 Goals Loss
17 May 2019 France: Ligue 2 Metz - Brest Metz WIN
16 May 2019 Norway: 1st Division K. Oslo - Strommen Over 2.5 Goals Loss
15 May 2019 Russia: PFL Dyn. Barnaul - Sakhalin Under 2.5 Goals WIN
14 May 2019 Croatia: 1. HNL Rudes - Hajduk Split Goal/Goal WIN
13 May 2019 Finland: Ykkonen KTP - Ekenas KTP -1 AH WIN
12 May 2019 Denmark: 1st Division Hvidovre - F. Amager Over 2.5 Goals WIN
11 May 2019 Portugal: Primeira Liga Portimonense - Maritimo Portimonense WIN
10 May 2019 Ireland: Premier Division Bohemians - Dundalk Under 2.5 Goals WIN

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